giovedì 15 dicembre 2016

Children from Srebrenica

Ricevo dal caro amico Irvin nato a Srebrenica poco prima del genocidio e messo in salvo dalla madre e che ora vive di nuovo nella cittadina.

Srebrenica for Aleppo
In those days, we are watching in astonishment what is going on in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Children, Women and civilians are exposed to atrocities. Children, Women and civilians trapped in a corner of a besieged city without water, food, electricity, medicine. Each of us can see the desperate call of helps coming from Aleppo, it's enough to open Facebook or Twitter. Each of us is watching, sharing and posting on our profiles but no one government is moving a finger to change the situation. Look like that the economic and political interests of governments are more important than the life of innocent people.
Only 21 years ago, in Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), we were the people of Aleppo. Our fathers, brothers, children were being killed in the worst way possible, and others far away, silently and helplessly, watched just as we do today. We were sending desperate calls to the international community. We were believing that Europe will never allow that it will happen. We were thinking that we learned from the Holocaust, the concentration and death camps. But we were wrong: it happened again. And it happened under the UN flag in a safe area protected by the UN peacekeepers. 8329 human beings were killed and their bodies displaced in mass graves for what is worldwide known as the Srebrenica Genocide, the worst massacre in Europe since the Nazis.
Today, we cannot stay anymore silent in front of what is going on in Syria and Aleppo. For years the slogan “Never Again” shepherd the annual commemoration of the Genocide. For years, Prime Ministers and representatives of governments asked forgiveness for their responsibilities and said “Never Again!”. Did we learn anything from Srebrenica? How many Srebrenica we need in order to understand something? How many innocent people has to die in order that the world will open its eyes? How many children has to become orphans in order to touch the heart of people?
It's time for the mankind to show that we learned something. It's time to build bridges of hope between human beings. It's time to take down the walls of prejudices that have been erected between us. It's the time to demilitarize our countries. It's the time of solidarity and trust. Each of us is victim and responsible of the actual situation, each of us has the power to make a change, to make this world a better place. If the world does not change now, if the world does not open it's doors and windows, if it does not build peace – true peace – so that our children have a chance to live in this world, then we cannot explain why Srebrenica happened.
Not so many of us survived, and not so many of us found the strength to come back to live in Srebrenica. But today we feel the responsibility to call upon all the governments to listen to us. To stop the war in Syria, to take care of the civilians victims of atrocities, to start a democratic process of peace-building. Today, we feel the responsibility to call upon all the mankind to listen to us. To push our governments to start a demilitarization of our countries. To close the army industry. We call the mankind to be human, to be emotional, to understand the needs of the other one and act in solidarity.
On Sunday 18 we are organizing a peaceful demonstration in the memorial center/cemetery in Potocari where a part of our loved ones, killed in the Genocide, are buried. We will call again the world to open its eyes in front of the Syrian situation. 21 years ago the world closed its eyes in front of us and let us kill as animals. We hope that all of us learned from this experience. We hope that the world will not close its eyes again. We hope that Srebrenica never happen again to no-one and nowhere in the world.
Children of Srebrenica